12v 120ah Lithium Battery Price, Deep Cycle Battery

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The 12v 120ah lithium battery is made with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology and has twice the power, a fraction of the weight and 4 times the range of sealed lead-acid batteries. Installation is very simple, just connect the main positive terminal of the trolling boat motor to the positive terminal of the battery and the main negative terminal of the trolling boat motor to the negative terminal of the battery. Very simple plug and play!


Are you looking for a lightweight battery to power your 12V electronics or trolling boat motor? Well, look no further, this is it! Weighing in at just 3.6kg. Did I mention this 12V 120ah has advanced Bluetooth technology that allows you to view battery voltage and capacity directly from your smartphone. Not only will it save you space, but it will also save about 60% of the weight!


Deep Cycle Lifepo4 batteries are designed to provide superior power for the higher power needs of your vehicles and applications. Ideal for both daily use and backup power, the battery meets high quality and outstanding performance.



  1. Delivers higher specific power
  2. Lower internal resistance and self-discharge rate
  3. More accurate load response
  4. Longer cycle life
  5. Up to 5 times faster charging
  6. Suitable for high-end equipment and advanced fuel-efficient vehicles with higher power requirements
  7. Heavy-duty construction with a fully sealed design makes the battery spill-proof, maintenance-free, easy to install, and extremely resistant to vibration, shock or impact.

120ah lithium battery

lithium battery 120ah

120 ah lithium battery

12v 120ah lithium battery

Not all lithium batteries are created equal. Just like anything, you get what you pay for. Our batteries use LIfepo4 to meet the highest standards. The inner case is stainless steel. This protects the battery by being tough on water activity. Participants wrap the batteries with tape and plastic sheets. Our BMS systems for overall battery protection are large, advanced electronic components compared to the smaller devices used on some batteries. Our batteries cost nearly 80% more to manufacture than cheaper alternatives.

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4 reviews for 12v 120ah Lithium Battery Price, Deep Cycle Battery

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  2. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Working fine in my stock golf cart

    I bought these with a little trepidation because on 60AH rating. I installed 3 of them in series in our 1990 36v golf cart to replace the 3 SLA deep cycle 12v marine batteries. The range on the SLA was always terrible. These 3 batteries substantially increased the torque feel and so far we have not been able to run these little batteries below 36v even after a full day of running around our property hauling light loads and 2 adults. I would recommend them but want to see how long this great feeling lasts! I should also add that these three take up less space and weight 1/2 of what the SLA batteries did so it seems like a win.

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  3. Eric A.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Received the product it had a charge we used the product for about 5 hrs got home next morning

    We used it and the battery died and will not charge back up,I can’t find any information for customer service or a helpline. I requested a return and was told I have to foot the return fee which is over $340. So I would not recommend this product to anyone.Update: A customer service rep reached out and has said they will be reaching back out within two days to resolve this issue for me by either a refund or a label paying for the return and a refund. Second update they have fully refunded the purchase and taken care of the issue. Was hard to get in touch but they care about the reviews and reached out to me immediately to find a resolution.

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  4. Attarsiya

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Getting somewhat lower voltage than 12v nominal should produce

    A 12V nominal Lifepo4 should produce about 13.6V on full charge. This on a top quality charger. My other Lifepo4s of various amp ratings, from 6 to 100, all produce proper 13.8v to13.4v. This one is dead ending at 12v or over 10% less voltage than it should. I don’t know if that is a think this one’s BMS or the the batt itself. I have to deduct a star for that. Also no information, manual or even basic instruction/spec sheet came with this not any warranty card or info.

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